About Boulder Technical Assistance

BTA is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Scott and Angela Miller. Each have extensive experience in their own areas of the business.

Scott started his career with computers at Microsoft in Redmond Washington way back in 1986. He was about the 3500th employee in what is now a company of 100,000 employees. Back then the public didn’t know what email was, cellphones were the size of loaves of bread, and Bill Gate’s dream was a computer in every office, not yet a computer in every home which was considered ridiculous. At Microsoft Scott worked at the core of the company, the design and building of the software itself in the Microsoft Office group. His career and experience has expanded ever since.

Angela runs all business aspects of BTA – dispatch, scheduling, responding to service requests and billing. She worked for 3 years in corporate human resources, and an additional 4 years in the employment, recruiting and staffing field. During that time, she hired technical support staff, conducted interviews, worked with corporate policies, and was a liaison between managers, owners, CEOs and employees. She will respond quickly to get you the fastest possible help and very competitive pricing. She’s also a certified personal trainer. So if you would like to work out while your computers are being fixed, or feel that your team could benefit from exercise and or nutritional guidance, let her know!

Angela and Scott live in Superior CO with their little girl, they enjoy being outdoors biking, hiking, and snow skiing.